Breadbox Gets an Updo

Breadbox Before   Breadbox_afterThrift Store: Goodwill  in Lafayette , CO.  Did you know Goodwill Industries “diverts more than two billion pounds of clothing and household goods every year from landfills by recovering the value in people’s unwanted material goods.” That’s pretty impressive. 

Breadbox appearance: decent condition, didn’t need much work.

Reality of the box condition: highly built up gunk, hardware was very worn, wood itself dry and dull, missing the center piece. 

First I had to use Scott’s Liquid Gold Cleaner & Preservative to restore the wood. This wood was highly receptive to Liquid Gold, it was a hard wood that has been around for a very long time. This also removed all the gunk the breadbox had acquired. Inside the bread box

Gunk noun: unpleasant sticky or messy substance that can be removed using Liquid Gold.

The Updo

Light sanding on the front in preparation for paint. A new and fun knob found at Hobby Lobby. Spray painted the hinges copper to add a shimmer. Very fancy scrapbook paper & cardboard were used to fill in the center open space for the final touch.

Breadbox is prepared for it’s date with Bread!

Breadbox Finished   Bread Loaf

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Do-it-Yourself this Weekend!

book5With Spring creeping upon us, it is time to begin our annual organizing fiasco! I challenge you all not to throw away but reuse, re-purpose and recycle while you organize!earth heart

I stumbled upon this amazing idea, but realized I was lacking in old, antique looking literature. I had heard of this awesome antique store, Tables to Teacups, decided this was the perfect time to investigate. It was a great success! Grandma’s house is always a good place to begin these projects as well.

The How To: You’ll need a drill, L-brackets, ruler, and screws. booksYou will use 3 L-brackets per ‘book shelf.’ One bracket will need to be slightly smaller than the other two brackets. One set of brackets will be placed below the books, and the other (smaller) bracket will go on top of the book(s). Measure your books and start drilling (two sets of hands makes this much more manageable)! I also used a level at this point for my perfectionist side. Lastly, the smaller bracket is placed on the inside, bottom of the second (top) book – this pressed the books together enough so they didn’t move around.


This makes a pretty solid shelf but ultimately, you won’t want to place anything heavy on these. I must say it felt wonderful when my friends made notice of the new addition to my house and they loved it.

I did this differently than the folks from which I found the idea: Thanks Kristin for a fun and easy project!

This post and project were created by our Intern, Amber Lesser. Amber is an Environmental Studies student at the University of Colorado. Thanks Amber!

Who’s getting ready for playoffs?

If you’re hosting the parties this season – don’t break the bank to make your party festive.
Bronco table

Pick any old table from your home, garage, grandmas place or your local Goodwill. By unanimous decision, I had to pick the Bronco’s (Go Denver – cough cough!) I can’t say everyone in the building was on-board but majority rules.



The hardest part of re-vamping this table was making sure I did the reverse stencil properly. Simply print the imagine you’d like, cut it out and practice on a piece of cardboard. It helps to find an image in the reverse color (white to black). This may ensure you cut the right pieces out. Also, if you’re using spray paint I suggest printing on paper with one adhesive side. This will make for better lines and a simpler process (less mistakes). You could also use an adhesive spray (found at a hobby store). My table needed a little sanding first (150 grit may have been too much). necessities
Before table2

In this process I learned something about Scott’s Liquid Gold Cleaner and Preservative. At least for this wood, Liquid Gold had created a scratch resistant surface. How I found out: I had used Liquid Gold on only half of the table the week prior (before and after photos). When I began sanding the table by hand, rather than sander it was quite responsive to the sand paper on the half that did not have Liquid Gold. When I got to the other half which had Liquid Gold, the sand paper hardly touched the table – I was in awe. After cleaning one half of the table with Liquid Gold, it had moisturized it enough to become scratch-resistant. I did eventually sand that half of the table, but my arm was very tired!

Enjoy the rest of regular season and Happy Holidays from everyone at Scott’s Liquid Gold!

This post and project were created by our Intern, Amber Lesser. Amber is an Environmental Studies student at the University of Colorado. Thanks Amber!

You Can Keep the Change

Growing up in Denver, Colorado, I have used Scott’s Liquid Gold my whole life.  As a teen in the 70’s, one of my chores around the house was to dust the dining room furniture. My mother is the one that introduced me to Scott’s Liquid Gold.  She used it on our ‘good’ furniture.  It always made things look great, especially a large over-sized hutch that housed the ‘good’ dishes. It made everything in the dining room look so clean and shiny.  I can still smell the original almond scent.

A French author in the 1600’s wrote, “The only thing constant in life is change.”  Pretty astute for a guy from the 1600’s.  But not all change is for the better.  A one pound can of green beans now weighs 14.5 ounces.  The average price for a movie ticket has gone from about $1.50 in 1970 to nearly $8.

Coming soon to a store near you – A NEW look for Scott’s Liquid Gold!

Fortunately Scott’s Liquid Gold has not really changed much in the last 40 years. The can looks a little different; cleaner, brighter and fresher. But like an old friend, it is one of the things I can count on in an ever-changing world.  I still use Liquid Gold to dust the dining room furniture and I have taught my daughter to do the same.  It still leaves my furniture clean and shiny.  It still has that warm, familiar almond scent.  I’m not sure people still do chores, dust a hutch or use the ‘good’ dishes but if they do I hope they are also using Scott’s Liquid Gold in their home.  It’s tried and true and works just as well today as it did when I used to dust the hutch.

Man, it’s a HOT one!

Here in Denver, CO it has been one hot, hot summer! Temperatures have been breaking more records than Michael Phelps at the 2008 Olympics! Working in this sweltering heat has not been easy but at Scott’s Liquid Gold we’ve managed to soldier on albeit without air conditioning. No, we are not obsessive workaholics and yes we do make time for fun. Enter our impromptu company ice cream party complete with an ice cream truck! There really isn’t anything better than ice cream on a hot summer day, especially in the middle of a workday. Check out the pictures below to see just how much fun it was. Jealous yet?

“How To” YouTube

How did we ever learn to do anything before the advent of internet and social media? It was not that long ago that people went to the library to find information in a book. They still go to the library but it is often to use the internet to surf for information. That same information used to be available two rows over in Gardening or Biographies. Today people are finding information in some unusual places like YouTube.  Instead of learning by reading the information and instructions, you can simply watch a video.  Many of the videos are straight forward like, “How to Cook Trout” while others are unusual like, “How to Disco”.

Scott’s Liquid Gold is a little company in Denver that has been making a Wood Cleaner and Preservative for nearly 60 years. In the last year, Liquid Gold has realized that many people do not know how to use their Wood Cleaner and Preservative to get the best results. So the company has created a series of “How To Use Liquid Gold” videos and posted them on, you guessed it, You Tube! The current group of videos focuses primarily on wood care. Each video features an employee of the company and a personal treasure. They will add to the series some unique and interesting uses for Liquid Gold in the coming months.  Scott’s Liquid Gold would like to encourage consumers to contribute their videos as well. 

So without further ado Jeff Hinkle, VP of Marketing and Sales, will demonstrate how to preserve an antique mirror with Scott’s Liquid Gold.

Please and Thank You

2009 was a difficult year for most Americans. The employees of Scott’s Liquid Gold wanted to share their appreciation with the American people for their support during these difficult times. They made a video “Thank You” note and posted it on Youtube. The link is below. It is a brief look at what makes this country great. Hard work, dedication, pride and commitment are at the core of this wonderful little company based in Denver, Colorado. Please take a moment to look at the video and thank you for your support.