Oh How The Years Go By!

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It is hard to believe it has been over 60 years since Scott’s Liquid Gold began! It is fun to look back over the years, and see how far we have come! Wanting to showcase the journey, we created a Youtube Channel just for Scott’s Liquid Gold! ( http://bit.ly/1nwOnZk )

Take a trip down memory lane with us as we view vintage commercials! 

These commercials are a symbol of our history and we are proud to showcase them, they resemble the company’s lasting legacy that all started in a garage! garage

Are you brought back to the first time you saw one of the commercials? Do they remind you of the first bottle you ever had of Scott’s? Or maybe, you remember how your mom always had a bottle under the kitchen sink!

Getting Dirty This channel has everything, from original commercials dating back to the 70’s to ‘How to’ videos! Like Scott’s Liquid Gold, these videos have come along way, all while maintaining the common American value of a the product. As you know, commercials for our company are rare, so these vintage ones are that much more special!

Reminiscing through these commercials remind us how far we have come and how they played a role in helping Scott’s Liquid Gold become one of the most well-known and trusted brands in America today. We have truly enjoyed revisiting these classic commercials and videos, and we hope you have as well!

Flooded with Memories

Rushing water of the South Platte River in 1965

Rushing water of the South Platte River in 1965

For two days in June of 1965, torrential rains caused historic flooding of the Platte River in Denver.  Scott’s Liquid Gold was a tiny company based just blocks from the swollen South Platte River.

Years earlier in 1951, Ida Goldstein had purchased the formula and remaining inventory of Scott’s Liquid Gold from a door-to-door salesman.  Ida was a widow with three sons and had weathered the great depression alone. By 1965, Ida’s oldest son, Jerry, had taken on the task of building Scott’s Liquid Gold into a business.

Jerry Goldstein in 1970 after moving  the plant to its current location in Denver.

Jerry Goldstein in 1970 after moving the plant to its current location in Denver.

On June 16, 1965, Jerry watched the Platte River rise and feared that Liquid Gold and years of work would be wiped out.  It took several days for the water to recede and for local business owners to be allowed back into the flood ravaged area.  It took several more days just to get the door open to assess the damage. Jerry expected to find that everything had been washed away or broken beyond repair.  To his surprise, although severely battered and bruised, most of the bottles and equipment were intact.

Without insurance, the clean-up began. Jerry realized that as the flood waters rose, the bottles simply floated. As the water receded the bottles settled again on the dirt and mud left behind by the rushing water.

The Scott's Liquid Gold bottle in 1965.

The Scott’s Liquid Gold bottle in 1965.

With the help of his family and friends, they cleaned and sorted bottles and put the small manufacturing facility back together.  Within weeks Jerry was batching and bottling by hand and filling orders just as he had before the flood.

To encourage Jerry as he was building the company, Ida had given him a framed poem called “Don’t Quit”. Her years as a single mother during the depression had made her tenacious and she never gave up and she expected the same from her sons. The poem hung on the wall of a tiny office in the small manufacturing facility.  When Jerry first opened the door to the plant a few days following the flood the first thing he found was the poem. Like the bottles, it simply rose and fell with the flood waters.

The water-stained "Don't Quit" poem that hung on the wall at Scott's Liquid Gold

The water-stained “Don’t Quit” poem that hung on the wall at Scott’s Liquid Gold

Scott’s Liquid Gold survived the flood of 1965 and has gone on to thrive for another 50 years.  It is one of the most well-known and trusted brands in America today.  Jerry’s only son, Mark, worked with his dad for 22 years and has led the company since his father’s death in 2000.  Jerry always believed that the poem survived as a reminder to never give up on your dreams and keep going because you never know how close you are to seeing your dreams come true.  To the millions of Americans with big dreams and high hopes, we want to encourage you to keep going.  Success may be closer than you think.


From the poem “Don’t Quit”-

Success is failure turned inside out –

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt.

And you can never tell how close you are

It may be near when it seems afar;

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit –

It’s when things seem worst that you musn’t quit.

Dog Days of Summer


The sun is shining, the weather is hot, and the days are longer. You know what that means. Summer is finally here! From lounging at the pool to picnics at the park, there are many ways people spend the summer. This summer, take the time to take a break! Break free of all the stress and make time for family. Redefine what vacation means and rediscover the many benefits of taking it easy.


One great summer activity that gets the whole family involved is through fun outdoor sports, such as volleyball! Whether you like to set up your own volleyball net in your backyard or head to the park, volleyball is something the whole family can enjoy!


Who does not enjoy spending a hot summer day at the pool? Spend the day at the pool, rather than stuck inside cleaning the house! Let the rays soak in as you listen to the sounds of water splashing and children laughing, and before you know it you are dozing off!  After a long day of playing sports or lounging at the pool, it is time to relax!

This summer, why not try setting up a movie screen outside on the garage door? This is a perfect way to get family, neighbors, and friends together during the summer nights. All you need is a screen or large white sheet, a projector, popcorn, and hope that the weather cooperates.  Sit back and relax while watching the perfect movie.

Taking a break does not have to mean spending money. Just getting outside and enjoying a beautiful summer day with family, away from busy lifestyles and chores is a vacation in itself. How will you and your family spend the endless days of summer?


Road Trip Anyone?

shutterstock_159237440When was the last time you took a road trip?  Memorial weekend kicks off the summer travel season and is a reminder of an American relic; the family road trip.  Many Americans have fond memories of piling in the car (no seat belts, of course) and spending a couple of days driving to visit family or a national park like Yellowstone.  Cars were simpler in the 1960’s and 70’s at the height of the American car travel. There were no TV’s, cell phones or gaming devices. Even radio was limited depending upon where you were traveling.  Cruising across Kansas,  there was little more to listen to than an AM station with the local farm report.

Dad drove and mom read the map as they tried to navigate unfamiliar territory. As a kid, travel by car meant you had to make your own fun. There were silly games like “I Spy” or the License Plate game where you tried to find license plates from all 50 states. There were letter and word games, too, like Name a Country.  It went something like this.

“I name Belgium.”

“Belgium ends in an ‘m’ so name a country that stars with ‘m’.”


And so it went until you couldn’t think of any other countries.  No one cheated, of course, because there was no Google to search the names of unusual countries on a smart phone.  You slept, sometimes in the wheel well or on the deck of the rear window. You snacked on candy and pecan logs from Stuckey’s or read a book (if you could read without getting car sick).  Most of your time was spent just looking out the window, alone with your own thoughts, watching the magnificent scenery of this enormous country roll along.

At the end of the day, dad would stop at a motel.  If you were lucky it had a swimming pool.  shutterstock_153265601A pool meant a welcome opportunity to move after sitting all day and a chance to cool off since many cars did not have air conditioning. Dinner was a hamburger at the diner next door before going to bed in a room the whole family shared.  The next day, up bright and early, it was back in the car so you could do it all over again until you reached your destination.

Today, flying is the preferred means of travel.  Faster and more efficient, there is something lost in airplane travel, something sweet and nostalgic. In a car, time is your own. You can eat when you want to, stop when you want to and cover as many miles as daylight and a tank of gas will take you. Families bond over those many hours together. Years later, a road trip can help to create memories that only the family share.

This summer, why not leave the gadgets at home, jump in the car and head out even if it just for a few hours. There are so many wonderful things to see and do across America.  Many of them you can only get to by car. Take a drive to a local tourist site like Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska or head to Moomers for ice cream in Traverse City, Michigan. It doesn’t matter where you go the joy is in the journey.  You just might rediscover one of life’s simple pleasures, the family road trip.

Just be careful out there.






Springtime Family Holiday Dinner

It’s that time of year again! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shinning, and the weather is warming up! Springtime is finally here! Spring is a wonderful time for so many reasons. It means summer is not far behind, as well as fun activities. Spring also means Easter is coming.

Surely, everyone has fond memories of enjoying Easter with their family during this time of year! Easter meant picking out a springtime outfit for the special day, as well as spending quality family time around the dining room table filled with delicious treats, such as a gigantic honey baked ham! Each year, looking forward to seeing the whole family at Easter. Also, enjoying running around the backyard excitedly searching for eggs filled with sweets!

As we grow older, these holiday family dinners still have a special place in our hearts! Although times have changed and we all seem to be even more busy then before, Easter is still a special event to make time for! A time to have everyone together under one roof to create lifelong memories!


Honoring Veterans Day

Scott’s Liquid Gold is proud to thank not only all veterans today but the veterans associated with Liquid Gold and Neoteric Cosmetics!

Remember Our Veterans

Meet Chris. B., Shipping and Receiving Manager for 22 years!

Chris at Liquid Gold

Chris was in the military for ten years as a Supply SGT. She lives true to the saying, “Treat people the way you would expect to be treated.” Today Chris is celebrating the time she spent serving her country and 22 years at Scott’s Liquid Gold.

Meet Amber L., Creative Marketing Communication Specialist!

Liquid Gold Veteran

Amber served in the Navy for 3 years on-board the USS Ronald Reagan. She believes in living everyday to the fullest and is proud to have served her country and Scott’s Liquid Gold.

A special shout-out to 4 other very important veterans associated with Scott’s Liquid Gold: Jim H., P.J., Tom M. and Logan!

Veterans Day

Today we thank all of those who have served this country! Thank you for your dedication, pride, and for some your life.

Don’t forget to thank a veteran! Happy Veterans Day!

Through the eyes of a window

There was an old window, this window lived in Granby, Colorado.Through the eyes of a windowFor 30 years Window enjoyed sunshine and mountain views by day and billions of twinkling lights among the dark sky at night.  One sunny morning Window was suddenly stripped of the life he knew. He was thrown in the back of a truck and headed to Denver, Colorado. In Denver, Window was on the brink of death, ready to be tossed in a giant brown metal container when suddenly a soft voice struck Window.

“Excuse me, what are doing with that window?” the soft voice asks.

“Why I’m throwing this old thing away” a deep and raspy voice responds.

“Is it broken?”

“No, I just installed new windows for a fella in Granby. These here were custom built in the 80’s.”

“Well let me take those off your hands, I can give him a new life.”

Found an old window

…And Window’s new life journey began. 

Liquid Gold cleans an old window  Repurposing a window

Window was pampered with a cloth smelling of sweet almond and decorated with mini clothes pins and string.


Uniquely salvaged window, mini clothes pins, yarn/hemp/string, photos of anything you love printed in BW or Sepia (with a white border or glued to scrapbook paper), spray paint.

Miniclips_window  Liquid Gold photos used for repurposed window

Window now enjoys the friendly voices and soft aroma of freshly brewed coffee at the Scott’s Liquid Gold office. And the Liquid Gold team enjoys the company of Window’s vintage accent.

Repurposed Window

 Adopt a window today! There’s one waiting to display your favorite family memories!  Similar re-purposed multi-photo frame ideas found here.

Repurposing a window

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