Incorporated in 1954, Scott’s Liquid Gold is an American manufacturing and distribution company whose clear and focused intent is to offer the best, most innovative and high quality products at the most reasonable prices possible.

At a time when so many companies are succumbing to the “get it done cheaper” pressures, Scott’s Liquid Gold stands firm in its belief that American manufacturing can be a force to be reckoned with.

Only extreme dedication to quality, consumer demand, uniqueness, innovation and customer service keeps a company on course for over fifty years. These were the touchstone ideas behind our Scott’s Liquid Gold wood care, and the inspiration and motivation for unique products such as Touch of Scent air freshener, Mold Control 500 and our newest product, Clean Screen.  Scott’s Liquid Gold’s wholly owned subsidiary, Neoteric Cosmetics, also manufactures Alpha Skin Care anti-wrinkle skin care and Neoteric Diabetic skin care – both highly respected product lines embraced by both medical professionals and consumers alike.

Scott’s Liquid Gold-Inc. boasts state of the art facilities in all areas of production, research, information and customer service. This technological sophistication provides the company with a strong foothold in competing in today’s world as well as a head start on the future. Add to this formula, enthusiasm, perseverance and a maverick attitude, and the result is top-ranked brands.

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