Wood’s Worst Enemies

Wood is a living thing. It expands and contracts. Its cells absorb moisture and then release it. With the passage of time, there are changes in the color grain and character. It helps us to connect with nature and is an incredibly beautiful thing. As a result, wood should be treated with special care. There are many things in every home that can cause blemishes, scarring, and fading becoming the worst enemies to the valuable wood surfaces in our homes. The worst enemies fall into three categories: wear and tear, sunlight and water damage.

Everyday items in your home contribute to wear and tear on the finish. Dust, lint, metal objects, china, crystal, ceramic, and even books can cause abrasions, scratches, nicks, and imperfections on natural wood surfaces. Burns also increase the wear and tear on wood furnishings. Burn marks happen for a variety of reasons. It could be the result of things like a hot curling iron, a hot pot or a cigarette. Accidents happen and sometimes it happens to the beautiful wood in your home.

Scott’s Liquid Gold – have a can on hand!

Sun exposure can be one of the most damaging elements to wood, causing permanent discoloration. Wood may fade or darken, depending on the type of wood. Sunlight also dries out the finish and, over time, causes the slow deterioration of wood furniture. Minor water damage can cause watermarks, warping, and buckling, especially on hardwood floors. Severe water damage often results in rotting and allows mold to grow. Whether a little or a lot, water is always an enemy to wood.

Thankfully there is something that can help repair and reduce the signs of the damage you may have unintentionally done to wood items in your home. It’s called Scott’s Liquid Gold! Originally called a Wood Cleaner and Preservative, now it is simply called Wood Care. And care is what it does! Made with natural oils, it hides nicks, scratches and imperfections. It hydrates and moisturizes wood by penetrating deeply into the wood. It helps to restore the color, texture, and grain, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

Protect all the wood in your home from its worst enemies. Generation have used Scott’s Liquid Gold to nourish, hydrate and preserve natural wood furnishings, cabinets, doors and more. Made with natural oils and an almond scent, it leaves wood healthy, shiny and clean. If you love the look and feel of natural wood, keep a can on hand and woods worst enemies at bay.

An old Scott’s Liquid Gold Commercial from the 1970’s. We’ve learned and changed a lot in our time, but how to best take care of wood is still our game.

For more information on Scott’s Liquid Gold visit our website.

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