From Shabby to Chic

Honey was born in 1978 and was one of a litter of chairs that made their home around a large kitchen table. Honey was happy to be part of a big family with lots of kids. The kids would huddle each night at the kitchen table, do their homework, and eat a late-night snack of cookies and milk.

By 2019, the kids had all grown up. Mom and Dad decided to sell the big family home and move to a condo. Sadly, Honey and all the other chairs had to move, too. Four chairs went to live with the youngest son. One chair was damaged beyond repair and had to be let go. The three remaining chairs, including Honey, were donated to a thrift store and separated for sale. When I got to the thrift store, Honey was the only chair in her family left without a home. Only $10, I decided to take Honey home with me.

I cleaned her up with some Scott’s Liquid Gold One Clean Home. Then I treated her to a good dose of Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care. And in no time, Honey went from shabby to chic!

Her natural beauty had been restored. Honey found a new home and a new purpose in life as my beautiful one-of-a-kind desk chair. Every piece of old, unwanted furniture has a story to tell.

Do you have a story to tell?

For more information on Scott’s Liquid Gold visit our website.

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