To Wax or Not to Wax

Would you light a candle and then spread the wax all over your dining room table? If you are using wax on your favorite natural wood furniture then that’s exactly what you are doing. Wax is more harmful to wood than it is beneficial. Anything made of natural wood needs to breathe. It also needs an occasional infusion of moisture to look its best and maintain a warm, rich look. Putting wax on natural wood simply creates a surface barrier and though it does protect the surface, it prevents the wood from breathing. Not allowing moisture or natural oil to penetrate the surface wax can, in essence, smother the wood.

Let’s take a quick moment. We have been addressing indoor wood care. Outdoor furniture, decking, garden ornamentation, and the like requires vastly different care. In the case of outdoor furnishing, there is a strong argument to be made that wax provides a beneficial protective barrier. When it comes to the wood in home decor like cabinetry, doors, furniture heirlooms, and other treasures handed down, an oil-based product like Scott’s Liquid Gold is the only way to go.

If you have a favorite piece that has been treated with wax and then use Scott’s Liquid Gold, the finish may begin to look cloudy and dull as if the finish has been damaged. Actually, Liquid Gold is doing what it should. The natural solvents are eating away at the wax, trying to dissolve the wax build-up. If you want to remove wax build-up, apply Liquid Gold and leave it on for some time. Buff out any remaining oil and do it again. It will take some time and several applications, but Scott’s Liquid Gold will remove the wax build-up and bring back the warm rich glow of naturally healthy wood.

The best way to care for natural wood is to dust regularly and treat it with an oil-based product like Scott’s Liquid Gold at least once a month or as needed to keep the wood from drying out. The time between applications may vary based on the climate and humidity where you live. If you live in a drier climate, you need to treat your wooden treasures more often. A product like Scott’s Liquid Gold cleans, moisturizes, and protects all the natural wood in your home or office. It allows the wood to breathe while providing needed hydration and protects the wood. Natural wood loves Scott’s Liquid Gold!

For more information on Scott’s Liquid Gold visit our website.

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