A Note of Explanation

Prior to Friday morning October 5, 20102, a small group of about 700 people had liked our Clean Screen Facebook page for many months. In an effort to consolidate our brand pages, we offered to send those existing Clean Screen fans a free product if they moved or “liked” our parent company page. Within minutes, the offer was misread, posted and shared many times over.  The post was removed two hours later and we tried to end the misunderstanding by posting a brief explanation.

On Friday afternoon, a thread of angry and unfair comments began. These comments do not reflect our company or how we do business so the decision was made to stop the conversation.

It was not our intention to confuse or mislead anyone.  It was not a marketing or PR tactic.  It was simply a mistake. Companies are made up of people and sometimes people make mistakes. For months, there was little or no activity on the Clean Screen page. We could not have anticipated the series of events that took place on Friday. We apologize to anyone that feels they were misdirected or misled.

We are a small, very proud American manufacturer.   We have been in business for 61 years and have a close knit group of about 60 employees.  Our President and CEO is the grandson of the founder and has worked for the company since he was a teenager. We have been manufacturing at the same location for 40 years and many of our employees have worked for the company for more than 30 years.  Very few companies have this kind of loyalty and longevity. It is possible only because we really are a fair and honest company.

So this is what you can expect from us as we go forward. We will not use your email information to market to you or share it with anyone else.  We will try to correct this mishap as fairly as possible. It is a large task and will take some time.  We will resume an open dialogue in the coming days because hearing from our consumers is important to us.  We want to learn from this and intend to use the experience to be a better company.  When business resumes on Monday morning, we will do the same thing we have done every Monday morning for more than 60 years.  We will do our very best.


  1. Sorry you guys had to go threw that…some ppl see free and lose everything that has been taught to them…of not being rude and nasty with words…I know I wasn’t amongst the 700 but thank you for the opportunity anyway…NEW FAN


  2. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it had not been listed on “Finney Friday Free Stuff” on KGO TV and web site on Friday Oct. 5th. It was frustrating when we tried to sign up and were unable to do so.


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