Wood and the Elements

Did you know that wood is ALIVE?!? Wood is living, not breathing necessarily but it’s organic and the elements can very easily damage it. How you might ask? Water, sunlight and lack of moisture; yes wood is rather delicate and should be treated with care.

First off, water. It’s wood’s natural (and worst) enemy! Wood contains cells that absorb water, which can cause it to warp and its finish to crack. Furthermore, the adhesives can loosen and become a host for fungi that cause dry rot! Secondly, sunlight and lack of moisture both of these enemies cause wood cells to lose moisture and collapse. When those cells collapse it causes splintering, shrinking, color fading, splitting, and bubbling (yes, wood can bubble)!

Luckily, for all these elemental enemies there’s Liquid Gold to help wood “fight” back! You can use it to maintain wood’s moisture balance, and restore and preserve its beauty. It really is “Liquid Gold”.


  1. Liquid Gold helps protect the wood from natural “enemies”, but can it protect the wooden floor from damage or scratches caused from normal traffic from people or pets?


    1. No, we do not recommend using Scott’s Liquid Gold on floors. It is an oil based product, not water like most furniture polishes so it will track on carpet and other flooring. Liquid Gold really works to protect and preserve furniture, woodwork, cabinets and paneling. Many people do, however, use it on floors. Thanks for asking.


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