Stop Mold Cold

Every night, millions of Americans shut their windows and lock their doors. But what are they locking inside? The answer is mold.  Mold can grow both indoors and out, as well as in both dry and humid climates. Do you know if your home is at risk?

Thankfully, Scott’s Liquid Gold has created a product called Mold Control 500, and it stops mold cold. You may ask what the purpose of the 500 is in the product name? Mold Control is so powerful it will kill mold in areas up to 500 square feet! And it is safe enough t use both outside and inside your home. Mold control can also be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces and fabrics. With a price below $30.00, Mold Control is a better choice than costly repairs.

If you are worried your home may be harboring mold, take our Mold Control Quiz.

Just a Touch of Scent

 Do you ever just need a touch of scent? If you’re cooking a spicy dish, ever notice how that smell seems to linger? Maybe you have a pet or two scurrying around your home, and you catch a rather unpleasant odor upon entering a room. Whatever smelly situation you find yourself in, we can help! Arm yourself with a Touch of Scent!

If you’re an avid user of the name brand air fresheners, you’ve probably noticed they only mask the odor or the tropical scent smells fake. Touch of Scent is oil based, so with every touch you won’t find yourself drenched in a mist of scent after you spray it. Choose from a variety of scents from Ocean Breeze to Balsam Pine to Pomegranate Lemonade. Choose the scent that is best for your space!

Touch of Scent is for any pet owners, people who live in small spaces, avid cooks, parents with children, or for anyone who wants to banish unfriendly odors from your home. Try a fresh approach to your smelly situation.