Savor the Slopes This Spring With Clean Screen

Are you still enjoying winter sports now that spring has arrived? Nothing can beat a day of spring skiing with fresh powder thanks to Colorado’s ever changing weather and bright sunshine. Protecting your eyes on ski days like those can be a top priority, whether you’re wearing sunglasses or goggles, spots on your lenses are inevitable. If you’re carving down the slopes, you want to be able to see right? Here is where we can help!

Ever heard of Scott’s Liquid Gold? How about Clean Screen? As a younger consumer, the chances are, these words are not part of your everyday vocabulary. I’m here to tell you they should be.

Clean Screen works wonders on all of your electronic devices. No one likes fingerprints on their iPads, or laptop screens, and if any of you have children or younger siblings, you know just how it seems to be physically impossible for children to keep their fingers off your precious flat screen when they see Nemo or some other cute cuddly character. Clean Screen is here to help. Formulated with Reverse Osmosis Solution, this bottle will give you that crystal clear picture you’ve always wanted.

What happens when you’re out on the slopes and you’d rather not carry a spray bottle of Clean Screen? Enter Little Clean Screen. Small enough to fit in your pocket or wallet, and perfect for on-the-go use, Little Clean Screen does wonders for glasses, sunglasses, and goggles. Don’t spend your day on the slopes staring through dirty lenses. Look for us in the household-cleaning isle in many grocery stores and Wal-Marts across the country. For easy shopping, find us online at

Celebrating 60 Golden Years!

Jerry Goldstein is still watching over Liquid Gold

Hello friends! It has been some time since we have posted on the Scott’s Liquid Gold blog. The last few months have been very busy and very exciting. We have been preparing for 2011, a year full of Golden events and opportunities.

On April 4, 2011, Scott’s Liquid Gold proudly celebrated 60 years in business! Coincidentally, it was also the 55th birthday of our President and CEO, Mark Goldstein. If that were not enough, it was also Scott’s Liquid Gold Day in the City and County of Denver! We had all the makings for a very special triple celebration. As a small American manufacturer, these are amazing milestones for the company and its 65 employees.

To celebrate this important day, we had a party for all our employees, family members, vendors, suppliers and service providers. Liquid Gold was founded in 1951, so it seemed only fitting to have a 1950’s Diner theme as our backdrop. The DJ played lots of “Oldies but Goodies” while guests enjoyed little vintage bottles of Coca-Cola and Silver Dollar hamburgers. To add a little flair, some of our employees even dressed in saddle shoes and poodle skirts.

Heidi and Jo-Ann bring the 50's to life!

In 1951, Ida Goldstein, a widow with three sons bought the formula for Scott’s Liquid Gold. She paid $350 ( a $15 deposit) to buy Liquid Gold as a small business for her sons. Oldest son Jerry, took the reins and lead the company for nearly 50 years. As Mark Goldstein (Jerry’s son) said, “Even though my dad is gone, we are still a family company. Everyone here is a member of my family.”

Cindy and Sheila, two of our best employees

A staple in American homes for more than three generations, there is a good chance you have a can of Scott’s Liquid Gold under your kitchen sink. Happy 60th Anniversary to Scott’s Liquid Gold!