“How To” YouTube

How did we ever learn to do anything before the advent of internet and social media? It was not that long ago that people went to the library to find information in a book. They still go to the library but it is often to use the internet to surf for information. That same information used to be available two rows over in Gardening or Biographies. Today people are finding information in some unusual places like YouTube.  Instead of learning by reading the information and instructions, you can simply watch a video.  Many of the videos are straight forward like, “How to Cook Trout” while others are unusual like, “How to Disco”.

Scott’s Liquid Gold is a little company in Denver that has been making a Wood Cleaner and Preservative for nearly 60 years. In the last year, Liquid Gold has realized that many people do not know how to use their Wood Cleaner and Preservative to get the best results. So the company has created a series of “How To Use Liquid Gold” videos and posted them on, you guessed it, You Tube! The current group of videos focuses primarily on wood care. Each video features an employee of the company and a personal treasure. They will add to the series some unique and interesting uses for Liquid Gold in the coming months.  Scott’s Liquid Gold would like to encourage consumers to contribute their videos as well. 

So without further ado Jeff Hinkle, VP of Marketing and Sales, will demonstrate how to preserve an antique mirror with Scott’s Liquid Gold.

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