Alicia’s Clean Screen

We all think celebrities must have an entourage of people to help them achieve everyday tasks, like cleaning.   Apparently, not so. A recent celebrity home tour found Alicia Coppola, at home, with a bottle of  Clean Screen, the newest product from Scott’s Liquid Gold.  Many of you may know Alicia from television’s Star Trek: Voyager, NYPD Blue or Touched by an Angel. She has gained  even more popularity recently with her role in Jericho. Being on TV, Alicia surely wants a crystal clear clean screen to watch the most recent episode of her work. A crystal clear clean is exactly what you get when you use Scott’s Liquid Gold Clean Screen. It gets rid of dirt, dust, fingerprints and smudges from all types of delicate electronic screens quickly and easily. It doesn’t streak or leave a residue and it won’t damage non-glare coatings.  Best of all, it retails for about $8!

You don’t have to believe us, take a tip from Alicia Coppola. Use Scott’s Liquid Gold Clean Screen; it works!

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Photo courtesy of Josh Beller,

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