Some Things Never Change

1950sThis past Sunday, many of you celebrated Easter. At Scott’s Liquid Gold, we also celebrated our 59th anniversary. Many things have changed in the last 59 years.

Let’s take a brief look at what life was like in 1951. The United states was involved in the Korean War. McCall’s Magazine for women published their first issue. The Red Skelton Show aired and the first tests of color television were commercials broadcast from the Empire State Building. Ford was developing a new car that would later be known as the Thunderbird. Gas to fill the tank cost 19 cents a gallon.  The average family income was $3,700 and  the average cost of a new home was $9,000.  Unemployment was a a mere 3.3%.

Yes, much has changed since 1951 but not Scott’s Liquid Gold. We are still one of America’s best known household products. Tried and true, we’ll be around to care for your home furnishings long after many others have come and gone.


  1. Hundred-plus year old house, nastiest linoleum floors you ever saw, sort of a porous cork composition, with 50 years of harsh conditions on them (acc to the newspaper under it), and years of roof leak damage. Impossible to clean, rotted, gruesome. When I couldn’t stand it any longer I tore up the LR floor. Wood, but it looked like a subfloor it was so cruddy. Still, the boards were tight; bare pine, fairly smooth; and all gray, splotched with paint, 15×15 of sheer ugly. Had some sandpaper and a can of Liquid Gold under the sink, just curious to see what good it would do. One sq ft and I was hooked.
    Now when I walk down the hall past the LR I stop and stare. Looks like a brand new wood floor. I still can’t believe it. And not only does it look wonderful, it feels good and smells good. No residue, no greasiness.
    Thank you seems kind of feeble! but thank you, LG!!


      1. I am happy for your success. I am especially happy for Mark. It is hard to believe that 40 years have passed between us since our trip to Isreal in 1971. It was by chance that I recalled my experience meeting you as my wife and I are planning a trip to Israel in FEBUARY 2011. AGAIN MY SINCERE BEST WISHES TO YOUR FAMILY AND SOME FOND MEMORIES OF 1971.

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