Fresh and Clean are Signs of Spring

blog_cabinetSpring officially started on Saturday! Some places are still sealed shut to keep out the winter winds while others are beginning to open the windows and doors to let the fresh air in. Ahhhhh, the joy of spring; the fresh clean smell in the air.  That’s why we begin to clean our homes at the first sign of warm weather. We want our homes to smell as fresh, crisp and clean as the air. Many household cleaning products, however, smell like chemicals; not fresh and clean.  They leave harsh, unpleasant odors in your home.

Not Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Wash. Wood Wash is formulated with a mild, gently effective citrus based detergent. It easily cuts through the dirt and grime that’s been accumulating all winter and leaves a fresh clean citrus scent.  Originally formulated to clean hardwood floors, trim, woodwork, doors and furniture, happy Wood Wash users have also found it works on a wide variety of other surfaces. They have used it on all kinds of materials including tile, linoleum, laminates, plastics – even leather furniture.

Try convenient Wood Wash Ready-to-Use spray for small areas or mix a big bucket of  Wood Wash Concentrate to use throughout your home. Wash just about everything with one eco-friendly, biodegradable product. It’s quick, easy-to-use and leaves your home smelling clean and fresh. Now, it’s that why you started spring cleaning in the first place?

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Clean Screen for a Spring Clean

new-imageSpring cleaning is just around the corner. Easter is just four weeks away and Passover is less than that. Time to pick up a can of  Scott’s Liquid Gold! It cleans and restores all the natural wood furniture and features in your home.  Scott’s Liquid Gold also makes Wood Wash to clean cabinets, doors, trim and floors. It really cuts through the dirt and grime and lets the natural beauty of the wood shine through. 

This year, look for the newest member of the Scott’s Liquid Gold family, Clean Screen, a two part cleaning system for valuable elctronics. It works on computers, high-def TVs, game sytems, DVDs, CDs and so much more. Leave it to the folks at Scott’s Liquid Gold to introduce the perfect solution for cleaning todays most valuable items.  Ater all, we have been taking care of your antiques and family heirlooms for nearly 60 years. 

Before you forget, put Scott’s Liquid Gold at the top of the grocery list. Be sure to look for coupons in the Sunday newspapers for savings on all our Scott’s Liquid Gold products.  Our products are always available online at or at 1-800-44-WOODS.