Please and Thank You

2009 was a difficult year for most Americans. The employees of Scott’s Liquid Gold wanted to share their appreciation with the American people for their support during these difficult times. They made a video “Thank You” note and posted it on Youtube. The link is below. It is a brief look at what makes this country great. Hard work, dedication, pride and commitment are at the core of this wonderful little company based in Denver, Colorado. Please take a moment to look at the video and thank you for your support.


  1. I’ve been using Scott’s Liquid Gold on Stainless steel appliances for years now. Works great, I let everyone I know that has stainless steel to use Liquid Gold. Simply the Best for polisihing Stainless steel and keeping it looking brand new.

    Thank You


    1. Thanks reminding people that Scott’s Liquid Gold is great for polishing stainless steel. More and more Americans have stainless steel appliances in their homes. I’m sure this will be very helpful to them.


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