My Three Sons

idaIt is really hard to be a single mom.  There is no one to share the work load or take a turn at getting up at 3 am because a little one has a fever.  A single mom works, pay the bills, helps with homework, shops, cleans, is the disciplinarian and the best source of hugs.

Life wasn’t much different in 1930 for Ida, the Matriarch of Scott’s Liquid Gold. Much like today, the economy was uncertain, war was in her future and she was a widow with two small boys and one on the way. Money was tight. Clothes and furniture  were often hand-me-downs. That’s why she bought the formula for Scott’s Liquid Gold; she used it.  She knew it could make wood look new again.

Today’s single mom has all the same challenges that Ida did more than 50 years ago. Being a single mom, however, also has it’s rewards. All three of Ida’s sons lived long lives. The baby became a musician, the middle son was a war hero and an artist,  and the oldest son became the President and CEO of Scott’s Liquid Gold for nearly 50 years.

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