My Three Sons

idaIt is really hard to be a single mom.  There is no one to share the work load or take a turn at getting up at 3 am because a little one has a fever.  A single mom works, pay the bills, helps with homework, shops, cleans, is the disciplinarian and the best source of hugs.

Life wasn’t much different in 1930 for Ida, the Matriarch of Scott’s Liquid Gold. Much like today, the economy was uncertain, war was in her future and she was a widow with two small boys and one on the way. Money was tight. Clothes and furniture  were often hand-me-downs. That’s why she bought the formula for Scott’s Liquid Gold; she used it.  She knew it could make wood look new again.

Today’s single mom has all the same challenges that Ida did more than 50 years ago. Being a single mom, however, also has it’s rewards. All three of Ida’s sons lived long lives. The baby became a musician, the middle son was a war hero and an artist,  and the oldest son became the President and CEO of Scott’s Liquid Gold for nearly 50 years.

From Shabby to Chic

after_honeyHoney was born in 1978 and was one of a litter of chairs that made their home around a large kitchen table. Honey was happy to be part of a big family with lots of kids. The kids would huddle each night at the kitchen table, do their homework and eat a late night snack of cookies and milk.

By 2009, the kids had all grown up. Mom and Dad decided to sell the big family home and move to a condo. Sadly, Honey and all the other chairs had to move, too. Four chairs went to live with the youngest son. One chair was damaged beyond repair and had to be let go. The three remaining chairs, including Honey, were donated to a thrift store and separated for sale. When I got to the thrift store, Honey was the only chair in her family left without a home. Only $10, I decided to take Honey home with me.

I cleaned her up with some Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Wash. Then I treated her with a good dose of Scott’s Liquid Gold Cleaner & Wood Preservative. And in no time, Honey went from shabby to chic!

Her natural beauty had been restored. Honey found a new home and a new purpose in life as my beautiful one-of-a-kind desk chair. Every piece of old, unwanted furniture has a story to tell.

What’s your story?

Oil and Water

Leave it to the folks at Scott’s Liquid Gold to formulate Clean Screen, a new product to clean all your expensive Hi-Def electronics. Formulated with an RO (reverse osmosis) water solution, it is the state-of-the-art in water treatment technology. RO removes molecules of mineral deposits and impurities smaller than the water molecules themselves. Nothing to scratch or damage delicate screens, Scott’s Liquid Gold Clean Screen leaves nothing behind but a crystal clear clean. For years, you’ve trusted Scott’s Liquid Gold to care for valuable antiques and fine wood furnishings. A unique blend of natural oils cleans, moisturizes and protects expensive furniture and cherished heirlooms. Whether you are looking for the best in natural oils for your fine wood or the purest water to make your expensive electronics sparkle, remember the folks at Scott’s Liquid Gold. You can count on Scott’s Liquid Gold to clean and protect all the valuables in your home from antiques to  Hi-Def TV electronics and everything in between. Who says oil and water don’t mix? Oh and did you know it’s about $8.00!  Look for it online at