Under the kitchen sink

A lot of people in the last few years  have said, “Scott’s Liquid Gold, yeah, I know what it is. My mother has a can under her kitchen sink.”  That is not the best place  for it.  It works great on so many things. Scott’s Liquid Gold is a little like WD-40. Try it on a squeaky door or office chair to lubricate and quiet the squeak. It works to shine and polish popular stainless steel appliances.  This time of year, it is great for relieving the cracked dry appearance of wood cabinets and furniture.  Look deep under the kitchen sink. Many of you probably have a can of Scott’s Liquid Gold. There is a reason why you do and your mom probably have one. It works. As we head into the fall and the approaching holiday season, we are all cleaning more. You need Scott’s Liquid Gold.  If you don’t have a can; it might be time to get one.


  1. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback and support. Sc0tt’s Liquid Gold has been a staple in American homes for a long time. In a world of immediate gratification and disposable goods, we are proud to be a company that helps to keep history and heritage alive. Keep the stories coming. We love to hear about the rocking chairs and armoires we help to clean and protect.


  2. I first encountered Scott’s Liquid Gold as a teenage employee of McDonald’s. It was the only product we would use on the paneling and other wood in the dining room. From that experience, it is a staple in my house for all wood surfaces, in particular. My wife has since discovered Scott’s \Wood Wash\ product that cleans better the Formula 409 or Fantastic on all surfaces including counters, stove tops, etc.


  3. I was so excited to see Scott’s Liquid Gold had a blog. I was recently given my great grandmothers handmade wooden rocking chair, and the only thing my grandmother had ever used on that chair for the past 50 years was Scott’s Liquid Gold. Although that chair is well used and almost 100 years old it is still beautiful and will be in our family for generations to come…thanks to Scott’s Liquid Gold for such a fantastic product (and I just read it is American Made in Denver, Colorado which makes me happy to support an American jobs).


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