58 years and still going strong!

Scott’s Liquid Gold has been a proud American manufacturer for more than 58 years. Originally sold door-to-door, Scott’s Liquid Gold was purchased by a widow in 1951 for $350.  Her three sons bottled it and labeled it by hand in their garage in Denver, CO  for many years.  Oldest son Jerry loved Liquid Gold and began leading the charge to make it a household name. As a wood cleaner and preservative, it is the Gold Standard in complete wood care.  Use it on all fine wood furniture, cabinets, antiques, paneling, baseboards and trim.  While many American companies are struggling in these difficult times, tried and true products like Scott’s Liquid Gold are stronger than ever!  Try some and find out why Scott’s Liquid Gold has been the gold standard in wood care for more than 58 years.


  1. So glad to find you on the web. I have used this product for years and there is no better care for wood furniture. American manufacturers make better products.


    1. Thanks MaryLou! Scott’s Liquid Gold is proud to be an American manufacturer. Making high quality wood care products is part of our long heritage. So are the employees. Many have worked at Scott’s Liquid Gold for more than 30 years! We are a family making products for families.


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