Real Wood + Greenery for the Best Holiday Look of the Season

rustic-holiday-decor-collageHave you started decorating for the winter holidays yet? As soon as Thanksgiving was over, we began decorating the Scott’s Liquid Gold office for Christmas. This year, popular holiday décor is overwhelmingly natural, rustic, neutral, and understated. Images and design ideas trending right now highlight natural and botanical elements rather than plastic or manufactured-looking elements. This trend is great for the budget and easy to achieve because many items you can use may even be found in your very own backyard! We are excited to share with you how to create this look in your home and how Scott’s Liquid Gold can help.

To begin, find some real wood. Flea markets and thrift stores are great for finding old wooden trays, planter boxes, barn wood, pallet wood or crates. With a little Liquid Gold, they make beautiful clean slates for your creative attention! Barn wood and pallet wood can make great holiday signs or stocking holders. Crates, trays, and planter boxes can be the start to a lovely tablescape or the festive filling of an empty corner or coffee table.

Once you have your wood, go on a treasure hunt in your backyard for branch cuttings, pine cones, and rosemary, spruce, or evergreen sprigs. If your backyard doesn’t yield enough to work with, try Walmart, craft stores, or garden stores. You can easily find fake or real greenery, wood slices, burlap, and pillar candles.  These elements can easily be put together in many different ways to create charming holiday looks – it’s so easy they can almost be thrown together! christmas-botanical-decorationsslg-plus-decor-2_1
Beyond the decorations, holiday gift wrap can follow the same trend. Pinterest is full of inspiration for beautiful simple gift of brown kraft paper with natural elements such as greenery and twine. Again – great for the budget and less work for you!

Creativity, thriftiness, and a little Scott’s Liquid Gold blend perfectly together for a charming and beautiful holiday look. Happy decorating!

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Scott’s Liquid Gold turns 65!

My Three Sons

Clockwise: Ivan, Ida, Max and Jerry Goldstein

Owning a family business in America is a bit of a paradox.  Family businesses make up more than 80 percent of all American businesses.  Only 30% percent of family businesses, however, survive into the 2nd generation.  And less than 12% survive into the 3rd generation according to the Family Business Institute. Scott’s Liquid Gold is one of the 12% that is still going strong well into the third generation!

Ida Goldstein, a widow with three sons bought the formula for Scott’s Liquid Gold for $350 in 1951.  Her oldest son, Jerry, took the lead with the family business. For the next 49 years, he went on to build a trusted brand and thriving business. Jerry’s son, Mark, began working with his father after graduating from Syracuse University in 1978. Jerry and Mark worked together for the next 22 years until Jerry’s death in 2000. Today, Mark continues at the helm as President and CEO.

old bottlesv9

Several generations of Scott’s Liquid Gold

On April 4th, 2016 Scott’s Liquid Gold will celebrate its 65th anniversary!  At 65, when many are planning to retire, the company is looking to the future and planning its next chapter in business.  To mark this milestone Scott’s Liquid Gold indulged in a face lift.

SLG-A10-photo-2 25 16-a

Many are familiar with the gold drop that has donned the can since the 1970’s.  The gold drop logo has been updated as well as the look and feel of our can. Liquid Gold also have a new commercial campaign that begins airing this week on HGTV.  It is an exciting time for this third generation business.

Scott’s Liquid Gold is a story worth celebrating! As a small, proud American manufacturer, this milestone would not have been possible without the millions who have trusted and welcomed Liquid Gold into their homes for more than 6 decades.  The family and the company are grateful to every family with a can under their kitchen sink.  To all who have supported Liquid Gold, our deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks.

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‘First’ of Many (Brainy Ideas)


There must be something about the warm air, green grass, rain showers and flowers of June that makes mankind opens the mind to new ideas.  June is a crazy month of ‘firsts’.  Phrases like ‘first invented’, ‘first patented’, ‘first announced, introduced and launched’ saturate the 30 days of June.

Just for fun we thought we would share some of the inventions and introductions that are still relevant today and have helped to shape daily life in America.  Listed in chronological order, the following is our Top 10 List of First Inventions and Introductions founded in the month of June.

 June 2, 1896 the first  radio patented 1896 by Guglielmo Marconi.  A source of news and information, the radio also provides entertainment.

June 4, 1896 the first car was introduced.  Henry Ford called it a ‘quadricycle’ and he took his first test drive on this day.

June 5, 1977 the first Apple computer went on sale.  Is it possible to describe the impact that Apple has had on 21st century America?

June 6, 1933 the first Drive-In movie in Hoboken, N.J in 1933.  So popular in modern America, Drive-Ins are popping up around the country again.


June 11, 1982 the movie E.T. first premiered in 1982. Is there anyone that isn’t familiar with the phrase “E.T. phone home”?

June 19, 1846 the first baseball game was  played in Hoboken, N.J.  Like hot dogs and apple pie, baseball is now synonymous with America.

June 23, 1868 the typewriter was first patented and changed the way we communicate the written word.  What would the keyboard be without the typewriter?

June 26, 1819 the bicycle was first patented.  196 years later, as a form of transportation, the bicycle may be more important today than it was then.


June 27, 1893 the melody for happy birthday was first published by two sisters, Mildred and Patty Hill.  It has been translated into hundreds of languages including Klingon.

June 29, 2007 the first iPhone was introduced.  How it has changed communication! Without it, texting, Snapchat, Instagram would not be possible.  You might actually have to call someone.

If these ‘firsts’ are not  enough to convince you that June is a month full of brainy ideas, the website Today in History has a calendar of historical events concerning inventions patents, trademarks and copyrights.  One for every day of the month!


So take some time this month.  Go outside, lay in the grass, watch the clouds float by or stare at the stars.  Open your mind to the world of possibilities.  You never know what ingenious idea you might come up with that others will use in the near and distant future.


Our Thanks to Other American Manufacturers



President and CEO Mark Goldstein visits The Ball Corporation facility in Springdale, Arkansas.

On April 4th, Scott’s Liquid Gold will celebrate its 64th anniversary!  Scott’s Liquid Gold is a trusted names in household care and has a strong reputation for high-quality products. As a small America manufacturer, staying in business for 64 years has been challenging and is quite an accomplishment!  But we did not do it alone.  We have always relied on other American manufacturers who take pride in their work to provide the products and components we need.

The Ball Corporation is just one example of the manufacturers that we have relied on for many years.  A few weeks ago, our President and CEO Mark Goldstein, and a team of company representatives toured the facility where Scott’s Liquid Gold cans are made. Located in Springdale, Arkansas they went to The Ball Corporation Household Products Packaging Division.  014 (2)

Like many of our manufacturing partners, their manufacturing facility is state-of-the-art, efficient and immaculately clean. The American manufacturers we work with share our standard of excellence.  They make the best, most reliable products and components available to insure that every can of Scott’s Liquid Gold meets our quality standards.

Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, The Ball Corporation is less than 20 miles from the Scott’s Liquid Gold headquarters in Denver. Our box supplier, Warneke Paper Box Company,  is just around the corner from us and has been in business 108 years. Our manufacturing partners are not just companies. shutterstock_144466045

They are our co-workers, neighbors and friends. And we would not be celebrating our 64th anniversary without them!  All-Packaging Company, Precision Valve & Automation, PCA-Packaging Corporation of America, Warneke Paper Box Company,  and The Ball Corporation are just a few of the many companies we rely on each day.  Unfortunately, there are SO many it would be impossible to name them all.

FB_SLG_Products (2)

The Scott’s Liquid Gold family of high quality household products.

As we celebrate our anniversary, we would like to thank all of the great American companies that have contributed to our success.  Every American business has relied on others for help.  We are fortunate that we have been able to rely on American made products for 64 years!  We remain committed to the art of American manufacturing and supporting American workers!  We are appreciative and deepl  thankful to them for helping us to celebrate another anniversary.

Spring into Spring Cleaning!


Springtime is a glorious time of the year!  The days are longer.  The weather is warmer.  Flowers begin to peek through the soil and you hear the sound of birds as they return from their winter getaway.  It’s also the time of year when you want to throw open the windows for some fresh air.  As you open the windows, the cob web in the corner reminds you of something else.  It’s time to do some heavy-duty spring cleaning!  Of course you dusted and ran the vacuum, made the beds and kept the kitchen clean in the fall and winter.  But spring is the best time of year to do all the little extras.

If you google ‘spring cleaning’ there are pages of tips and tricks to help you get it done faster, better and easier.  But who has time to weed through all those sites for the best information? We do! We found there are three basic things you need to do to get your spring cleaning done quickly and easily.shutterstock_95002777

1. Determine what are the extra things that need to be done in each room like cleaning carpets or flipping the mattress.  Woman’s Day has some good tips and reminders to prevent you from overlooking something important.  (Did you include changing the furnace filter?)

2 Make a checklist and include the basics! Spring cleaning is a big job and it is easy to forget some of the details.  Your list might not be might not as thorough as Kelly’s (crazy thorough) but it is a good idea to vacuum the refrigerator coils.

shutterstock_1913872823. Make sure you have all the supplies you need on hand and in adequate amounts.  No one wants to have to stop and go to the store in the middle of the job. So be prepared! Good housekeeping has a pretty good list of things you are likely to need.                   


The last thing you will need to do is set aside a reasonable amount of the time to get the job done.  It easier and more efficient to do it all at once than it is to start and stop several times. So get all the stuff out and go for it!  You’ll feel so good when it is all done.

And remember, we’d love to help!  Scott’s Liquid Gold, a trusted name in household care has been part of the spring cleaning routine for 64 years!  Nothing makes furniture, cabinets, doors, wood trim and mantels shine like Liquid Gold!

What’s your cleaning style?  Tell for a chance to win 1 of 12 great prizes in the Scott’s Liquid Gold “What’s Your Cleaning Style? Sweepstakes!








The Charm of an Older Home

1920s-Bungalow Do you love the rich character and history of an older home?  Do you have a favorite era? How about a 1920’s bungalow, a turn-of-the-century farmhouse or mid-century modern?  One of the wonderful things about these homes is that each has features that are uniquely their own.

a and c 2It could be a chunky mahogany banister, arts and crafts style built-ins or vaulted ceilings with wood beams.  And of course they all have beautiful hardwood floors.  Each home has generations of stories to tell and has seen a lot of life.

If it is your home today, you probably take a great deal of pride in it. You take care of it and want to show off the character and charm that make it your own.  Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner and Preservative can help you to deep clean and condition all the natural wood in your home.  Woodwork, doors, cabinets, built-ins and furnishing will all benefit from a good dose of Scott’s Liquid Gold from time to time.

And now, Scott’s Liquid Gold can also help you to care for your hardwood floors with Floor Restore. The dog, the kids and the weather can all leave your floors looking dull and worn.

lab on floorsFloor Restore is an advanced polymer formula that bring back the life, beauty and shine to hardwood floors. It is quick, easy and leaves a durable protective finish that lasts for months.


We love older homes.  Simple elegance, high quality materials and that cozy well-loved feel is something that is hard to find in a newer home. 1880's floors

Let us help you to take care of your historic gem.  Mothers and grandmothers have trusted Scott’s Liquid Gold to care for their home and family heirlooms for 63 years.  You can count on us to treat your home like you do, with love and pride.

Watch the video to see how Floor Restore can work for you or visit us at for more information about all our products.




Reclaimed vs. Salvaged Wood


Reclaimed and salvaged are terms that are often used interchangeably when referring to reusing wood.  The truth is they are not the same thing but they do serve a similar purpose.  Reclaimed wood is wood that has been used previously in the construction of buildings. Old barns are a common source of reclaimed wood as are old warehouses, docks, homes and municipal buildings. These structures must be carefully dismantled when intended for reuse.  The wood is then cut up or re-shaped to be used in a new way.  Old flooring becomes a coffee table.  An old support beam becomes a fireplace mantel.  The simple act of re-using the wood is what defines it as ‘reclaimed. There are several reasons for choosing reclaimed wood as a building material.  Often hundreds of years old and exposed to the elements, reclaimed wood has a beautiful unique weathered patina.  It is an extremely stable wood having been air-dried for many years.  People also often like the stories behind reclaimed wood.  Knowing it came from a family barn or a historic building only makes it more interesting.

shutterstock_72186736Unlike reclaimed wood, salvaged wood has not been previously cut into lumber or used for construction. The wood is typically found in its natural state. It could be from trees that are dead, have fallen or need to be removed for some reason.  Trees are often removed to build a highway or new housing. Like reclaimed wood, salvaged wood has a lot of character. The color is often much deeper.  It may have intricate grain patterns, knots and worm tracks.  Centuries of aging causes a wide range of beautiful qualities that just cannot be found in younger tree growth.

In both cases, reclaimed and salvaged wood is ‘old growth’. Since the wood came from old growth forests it is harder, denser and has more character than new growth wood.  They also share the same benefits. Both are extremely durable and will can last for generations.  The wood can be re-finished, converted and re-used in many different ways. Best of all, both prevent new trees from being cut down.

Today there is much interest in using reclaimed and salvaged wood in home renovations and decor.  It is being used as hardwood floors, to make furniture, create feature walls and art. pallet-coffee-tableThe costs for each varies considerably. Reclaimed wood is often less expensive traditional lumber.  Salvaged wood, however can be more expensive.  It must be collected, transported, milled, and is often re-finished before it’s re-sold.  There is also a lot of waste that doesn’t happen with younger woods. Up to 75% of a tree that was fallen or salvaged is often unusable.

Although different, it really doesn’t matter whether you use reclaimed or salvaged wood. Each offers a one-of-a-kind building material.  Both benefit the environment and reduce what goes in a landfill.  The next time you shop for furniture or plan a woodworking project, consider using reclaimed or salvaged wood. Reusing and recycling are trends that are here to stay.